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APAC Growth Lead

  • Full-time
  • Remote friendly
  • 100K - 1,000K USD a year

About Berachain:

Berachain is a high-performance, EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, Layer 1 blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. We use a variant of delegated Proof of Stake called Proof of Liquidity consensus to rehypothecate liquidity as security at the protocol level, aligning incentives between liquidity and security across the ecosystem.

We're a young, world-class team of builders, engineers and executives with extensive experience across Web2 and crypto environments. We’ve raised and deployed $Bs as fund managers, won the knife fight in the orderbooks on Wall Street and contributed to category-defining DApps and protocols. Now we’re building Berachain.

Our team combines traditional experience in building and scaling teams at technology companies like Apple, Coinbase, Microsoft and Y-Combinator with crypto native experience from some of DeFi’s most impactful protocols.  We're all highly passionate about building useful infrastructure to bring decentralized finance to the masses. Our core engineering and founding team is based in Toronto. We’re well funded by a group of leading digital asset investors, hedge funds, centralized exchange venture arms and strategic angels. 

We are looking for self-starters and mission driven individuals to join us as we build the future of decentralized finance. The ideal candidate for this role takes initiative and ownership over their work, thrives in a fast-paced and highly collaborative in-person environment, and is capable of rapidly adapting to evolving needs as required.

The APAC growth lead would work closely with Smokey and Yogi to bring users, experienced teams, capital providers/funds, exchanges, wallets, infrastructure providers, and novel primitives to the Berachain ecosystem, engaging with groups at the earliest stages in their development and identifying opportunities to play a key role in the Berachain ecosystem. The ideal candidate has a deep network across China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, with an eye towards Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other regions in the future.

We have a strong preference for candidates who are boots on the ground in the APAC ecosystem, and can serve as our eyes and ears within relevant rooms. Please note that all roles will require a short onboarding period in Toronto prior to coming on board. The ideal candidate will demonstrate their ability to generate opportunities for the Berachain ecosystem prior to joining the team. An ideal candidate has likely led APAC initiatives and growth at a major L1 or leading DeFi protocol in the past.


  • 3+ years of experience in business development, sales, finance, or venture capital, preferably in the blockchain or financial technology industry, with a particular eye on DeFi

  • Strong understanding of blockchain technology, particularly the EVM and Cosmos ecosystems

  • Thorough knowledge of the current DeFi, NFT-fi, GameFi, etc landscapes in the on-chain ecosystem

  • Robust interpersonal communication and collaboration skills

  • Experience structuring complex partnerships involving multiple stakeholders in an authentic and responsible manner

  • Experience building and scaling sales/BD/partnerships oriented teams

  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to identify and prioritize product features and requirements based on customer needs, market trends, and business goals.

  • An ideal candidate will have experience in both tradfi/web2 and crypto-native business development initiatives

  • Native / fluent proficiency in one or more of Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, or other commonly spoken languages across APAC regions


  • Serve as the first point of contact / onboarding for APAC based teams exploring the Berachain ecosystem

  • Introduce existing or new networks of APAC based venture capital funds, prop shops, wallets, exchanges, infra providers, corporate institutions or other relevant entities to the Berachain ecosystem

  • Identify unique opportunities for Berachain to capitalize on the Asian market dynamics, ie. JVs, new user acquisition funnels etc.

  • Identifying synergies between the chain’s natural infrastructure (proof of liquidity, DeFi infra, EVM on Cosmos etc) and potential DApps uniquely utilizing Berachain in a manner which couldn’t be achieved in other chains

  • Work closely with native DApps and builders to develop partnerships and composable feature sets allowing for better collaboration within the ecosystem

  • Leverage existing networks and the Berachain brand to attract the best and brightest builders to the chain, while spearheading Berachain deployments for existing blue-chip DApps on other chains.

  • Collaborate with engineering teams to define and prioritize product features and requirements in accordance to DApp needs, ensuring they align with the overall product vision and strategy.

  • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the blockchain market and competition, and use this knowledge to inform product decisions.

  • Work cross-functionally with design, engineering, marketing, and other teams to ensure successful product launches and ongoing product improvement.

  • Act as a user & protocol advocate, regularly engaging with users, funds, protocols and other stakeholders to gain insights and feedback on the product.